Terms of delivery and receipt of orders:

— Delivery is carried out only for the goods included in the order. Transportation of several goods in order to select one of them at the place of delivery is not performed.

— Delivery to the specified address obliges the buyer to be on the spot at the time agreed on the day before.

— For orders weighing up to 10 kg, the delivery method in Belarus is determined by the seller and can be made both by our courier service and by the GloBel24 delivery service or by mail (EMS).

— Delivery is carried out to the premises and places specified by the buyer, provided that there are no objects cluttering the aisles, and the distance between the goods in the package and the opening (door, corridor) is at least 5 cm.

— If the conditions in the premises specified by the buyer interfere with the delivery of the goods or may cause damage to it, the goods are delivered by courier to the nearest place with suitable (listed above) conditions. Couriers do not clean the territory from obstructing objects and do not move objects in the apartment.

— Couriers are not responsible for consulting on the operation and characteristics of the product, its installation and configuration. If necessary, information about the product can be obtained on the website or in the call center.

— Claims to the appearance and configuration of the product after filling out the warranty card and departure of the courier are not accepted. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check the model, characteristics, and configuration of the product before signing the warranty card.

— The factory packaging of the goods can be opened to check for damage.